I found Randy Lindner in 1997 after having lived in Costa Rica for two years without filing my overdue taxes.

I interviewed several different expatriate tax specialists in Costa Rica but didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. One seemed shifty, one not too bright, and the last met me at his door in his pajamas.

When I found Randy, I knew I had a “tax man” for life. He was open, bright, immediately helpful, and made me feel absolutely comfortable. He did back filing to catch me up with my overdue taxes and he continued to prepare my taxes every year for the last ten years. His fees are more than reasonable. He keeps impeccable records. The preparation work is excellent, all forms neatly done and accurate. I just show up to sign the forms and mail them. Each year he spends time with me discussing any change in my tax situation and alerts me to things I need to pay attention to for the next year.

Having a tax person like Randy takes the anxiety and stress out of the tax process and decreases the level of irrational fear that the IRS somehow instills in us all early in our youth. I have recommended Randy to many friends, some in Costa Rica and some in Argentina. All are very pleased with Randy’s work and have stayed with him over the years. He has many satisfied ex-pat clients from many different countries. I hope someday to move from Costa Rica to Spain, but I will absolutely continue with Randy no matter where I live. I couldn’t recommend his services highly enough.

Sandra Kinghorn,
Curridabat, Costa Rica