Receiving Social Security & Other Retirement Benefits

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Receiving Social Security & Other Retirement Benefits

sscardThis is the same as if you were living in the United States. Combined with other income your benefits could be taxable.

Make sure that your foreign income is included in your taxable income.

If your income is solely from Social Security it is generally not taxable and you may not have to file a return.

Beware! If you notice reduction in your Social Security and other retirement benefits, it could be assumed by the paying agency since you are living outside of the United States, that you may not be a U.S. citizen. The paying agency could withhold 28% of your benefits.

The only way to have this money refunded is by filing a timely tax return and requesting the refund.

Do yourself a favor.

Do not ignore your responsibly to the U.S. government.

File your income tax returns on time and avoid the possibility of unwanted and unnecessary trouble in the future.
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