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Tax and Accounting Services Company based in San Jose, Costa Rica

U.S. Tax International, based in San Jose Costa Rica, specializes in helping U.S. Citizens living overseas comply with their IRS filing obligations. At U.S. Tax International, we will help you file your annual Form 1040, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR), Information Return of U.S. Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations Form 5471, and Statement of Foreign Financial Assets Form 8938.

We will help you determine whether you are eligible for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion on Form 2555, the Foreign Tax Credit on Form 1116, or the Earned Income Tax Credit. We will work to make sure you have the lowest tax possible and comply with all your legal obligations.

Tax Services based in Costa Rica

Professional & Experienced

U.S. Tax International is a company with offices in San José Costa Rica.

Tax Advice For Expats

From Expats like us.

The professionals at U.S. Tax and Accounting live year round in Latin America. We know the needs of the expat, because we are expats.

Foreign Tax Credit

Don’t pay double.

Learn how the taxes you pay to another country can reduce the taxes you pay in the U.S.

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Shield your income from US tax

If you live and work overseas, you may be able to exclude up to $107,600.00 if your income from US Taxation for 2020. Find out if you qualify.

Banking & Investments

Learn how we can help.

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act has made banking in a foreign country a much bigger challenge.

Social Security & Retirement Overseas

Retire in Paradise

Stay current on your IRS obligations to protect your Social Security.

Starting an Overseas Business

Where should you incorporate?

What taxes do you pay? What do you tell the IRS about your foreign corporation? We can answer these questions and more.

Self Employment Taxes

Contribute and Prosper

You must contribute to Social Security and Medicare, even if they live overseas. We can take care of all the forms and schedules you need to complete.

Building a Family

Many find love overseas, but beware the tax consequences. Learn what you need to know before starting a family abroad.

Working in a Foreign Country

Learn about the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, the Foreign Tax Credit, and the various tax provisions that apply to U.S. citizens living abroad .

Banking & Ivestments

FBAR? FATCA? There are many confusing I.R.S. requirements for U.S. citizens who invest overseas. Learn about your obligations here.

Starting a Business Overseas

The entrepreneur doing business outside of the U.S. must be aware of the many different tax implications. Discover some of the most important tax provisions and requirements.

Why Be Bothered or Compliant

Why not forget about filing with the IRS? I will never return to the U.S.

What we Do

Individual & Corporates Accounting Services

Individual & Corporate Taxes 

Our firm has more than twenty years of experience preparing and filing US Income Tax Returns for individuals, corporations, and partnerships.


If you’re self employed or have your own business, you need to make sure you’re keeping your books in order. Our firm can take care of your monthly accounting, including payroll services.

Foreign Information Reporting

US citizens and businesses with assets abroad often have to complete forms 5471, 114, 8938, or 3520. We’ve helped thousands of clients with similar filings and we can help you too. 

Stay Informed

Latest Tax Information & News

Are You a Contractor or an Employee?

A crucial consideration for any US citizen who earns an income is whether they should be considered an employee or an independent contractor. The people who hire you will often want to classify you as an independent contractor. This allows them to save on employment...

Implementation of FATCA Causes Headaches for Expats

It has become increasingly difficult for U.S. citizens to open bank accounts overseas. The reason is that the IRS has started to implement the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA for short. FATCA was passed in 2010 in an attempt to prevent overseas tax...

Tax Tips – Marriage to a Non-US Citizen

Many United States expatriates find love when they travel abroad. It's not uncommon for an American to come to Costa Rica and come to marry a young Tico or Tica. However, a U.S. citizen needs to consider certain tax consequences when marrying a non-citizen. U.S....


My U.S. Corporation has been under his supervision since 2006 along with my personal taxes. I have always been given the most sound advice, effective explanations on how to improve my tax deductions as an ex pat along with avoiding any complications or penalties under the Us Tax Laws. Finally, I have been such a satisfied client that I have decided to dedicate a sponsor page on my own website for US Tax International. I would be more than happy…
Richard Blank

CEO, OBS International, Inc.

USTAX INTERNATIONAL provided first rate service in helping me file USA tax returns from Australia. Charles and Randy are extremely helpful, prompt and provide excellent value for money. I highly recommend their services to anyone living overseas and filing USA tax returns….
Bruce Aulabaugh

Perth, Western Australia

US Tax International has been providing me with Accounting services and financial advice for over three years. I have two businesses in New York, one of which I have managed from Costa Rica.

Having an accounting firm that is perfectly comfortable with U.S. and Costa Rican accounting practices and understands the financial/accounting concerns of U.S. Citizens living abroad cannot be overstated.



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For clients located in Costa Rica, U.S. Tax International is conveniently located in Rohrmoser, just a few blocks north of the United States Embassy. We can be reached at the phone numbers below or by e-mail at contact@ustaxinternational.com.

Plaza Rohrmoser, Second Floor, Unit 38, Geroma, San José, Costa Rica

M-F: 8am-5pm, S-S: Closed