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The tax needs of the American living abroad can be complex and difficult to understand. Please feel free to review these free articles to help you determine what your needs are. If you have any questions please contact us.

Working in a Foreign Country

Living, working and investing in a foreign country does have its tax advantages.

Building a Family

If you get married to a non U.S. Citizen you must choose to file your tax return as either Married Filing Jointly, or Married Filing Separately.

U.S. Social Security, Medicare, and Self-Employment Taxes

If you are an offshore employee of a U.S. corporation, that employer will normally withhold Social Security and Medicare taxes on your W-2 earnings.

U.S. Citizens Living and/or Investing in a Foreign Country

Living and or working in a foreign country does not release you from your responsibility to the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Receiving Social Security & Other Retirement Benefits

Combined with other income your benefits could be taxable.

Living in a Foreign Country and U.S. Taxation

Often we are faced with new requirements and situations, and given wrong advice from fellow citizens.

Investing in and/or Owning Your Own Business

There are many advantages to you investing in a foreign corporation or starting a foreign corporation of your own..

Buying and Selling Your Home

If you sell your foreign home and you meet the use and ownership requirements, you could be eligible for the $250,000.00 home exclusion

Banking and Other Investment Accounts

U.S. citizens are required to report to the Treasury Department their financial assets held overseas.

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Tax Resources & Articles

Are You a Contractor or an Employee?

Are You a Contractor or an Employee?

A crucial consideration for any US citizen who earns an income is whether they should be considered an employee or an independent contractor. The people who hire you will often want to classify you as an independent contractor. This allows them to save on employment...

Implementation of FATCA Causes Headaches for Expats

Implementation of FATCA Causes Headaches for Expats

It has become increasingly difficult for U.S. citizens to open bank accounts overseas. The reason is that the IRS has started to implement the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA for short. FATCA was passed in 2010 in an attempt to prevent overseas tax...

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